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We’re proud of our artistic and musical culture.  Opportunities abound in Chase County to view and hear the arts in unique and unexpected ways. From galleries and shops to our Symphony in the Flint Hills, our artists and craftsmen have many surprises up their sleeves.

Emma Chase Friday Night Music

331 Broadway Street

Cottonwood Falls


Enjoy one of the Eight Wonders of Kansas Customs in the heart of the scenic Flint Hills!


1101 Camp Wood Road



At this day-long event in the fall, nationally known musicians, artists, and nature lovers share all WoodFest has to offer — a perfect day in the Flint Hills at Camp Wood YMCA.

Flint Hills Gallery

321 Broadway Street

Cottonwood Falls


The Flint Hills Gallery is a small art gallery located in downtown Cottonwood Falls

Matfield Station & PrairyArt Path

640 Kansas 177

Matfield Green


The Atchison Topeka and Santa Fe railroad company built the bunkhouse structure in 1922 to provide shelter for the section hands who maintained the railroad.

Prairie PastTimes

220 Broadway Street

Cottonwood Falls


An Artist Cooperative in the Kansas Flint Hills.

Tallgrass Vistas Photography

206 Reed Street

Matfield Green


You can experience the mystique and indescribable natural beauty of the Kansas Flint Hills with photo prints available in various sizes to fit your home and office decor.

Flint Hills Rodeo

300 East 7th Street

Strong City


The Flint Hills PRCA Rodeo, traditionally held on the first weekend of June, is the oldest consecutive rodeo in the state of Kansas.

Bill McBride Studio

640 Kansas 177

Matfield Green


“I am a sculptor and naturalist living in Matfield Green, Kansas, in the heart of the Flint Hills – the largest tract of tall grass prairie in the world." --Bill McBride

Heartland Art by Alison

Cottonwood Falls

I create art pieces inspired by the natural beauty of the heartland

Opera Workshop in the Flint Hills

19 North Elm Street

Cottonwood Falls


Opera Workshop in the Flint Hills is a Master Class for advanced students and young professional singers.  

Prairie Wheel Pottery & Gallery

409 North Oak Street

Cottonwood Falls

(620) 217-1086

Owned by artist Jolene Ratzlaff who has always admired artists and how they can create on canvas, paper, and clay.

Symphony in the Flint Hills

331 Broadway Street

Cottonwood Falls


Through year-round programming, Symphony in the Flint Hills, Inc. celebrates the history, ecology, and culture of the last stand of native Tallgrass Prairie through music and place-based education.

Dale Hartley's Buckeye Creek Art Studio

2369 Zz Road



“Art runs deep in my family. " -- Dale Hartley

Matfield Green Works

Matfield Green

Connecting people to the earth and each other

Pioneer Bluffs

695 Kansas 177

Matfield Green


Located on the historic Rogler Ranch just north of Matfield Green, the Pioneer Bluffs Center for Flint Hills Ranching Heritage invites ranchers, locals, schools, and visitors seeking a Flint Hills experience to come along with us as we journey through time to explore our history, and join us as we examine contemporary ranching issues.

Tallgrass Express String Band

338 Middle Creek Road



Formed in 2004, Tallgrass Express is a truly regional band, staying close to its roots and
performing mainly at community events in the Flint Hills region.

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