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Bill McBride Studio

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“I am a sculptor and naturalist living in Matfield Green, Kansas, in the heart of the Flint Hills – the largest tract of tall grass prairie in the world." --Bill McBride

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640 Kansas 177

Matfield Green



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My work is primal in spirit – guided by a desire to understand and celebrate our place in the world. My inspiration comes from the prairie, my love of nature, and my conviction that our humanness is integral to it. As I walk about the prairie and tend to our forty acres of grassland, I gather sticks, stones, bones, wire, and remnants of human habitation. Like the native pack rat, I then return to the studio to store, array, and get to know these findings – their inherent beauty, evocative power, and potential for exciting and structural relationships with other materials. I fit these finds together with the ultimate goals of visual delight and passion for awakening distant memories, stories, and feelings. – Bill McBride


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