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Matfield Station & PrairyArt Path

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The Atchison Topeka and Santa Fe railroad company built the bunkhouse structure in 1922 to provide shelter for the section hands who maintained the railroad.

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640 Kansas 177

Matfield Green




This is one of several facilities built for each section ten to thirty miles apart. One of the few remaining bunkhouses included 11 units and an adjacent foreman’s house. In 2001, Bill McBride, Julia Fabris McBride, and Karl Rohlich purchased Matfield Station.

The historic Santa Fe building was “one good rain away” from collapse, and they couldn’t stand to see the bunkhouse disintegrate. We love the views, open space and fresh air, horses across the road, Flint Hill sunsets, and wind on the prairie. Walk the PrairyArt Path — miles of prairie path with dramatic views of the Valley of the South Fork and sculptures by Bill McBride and other prairie-inspired artists.

Walk to Matfield Green, our small, welcoming ranching, farming, and arts community. Explore the surroundings — open prairie, miles of gravel backroads, the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve, and the nearby small towns of Cottonwood Falls and Strong City.

PrairyArt Path
The PrairyArt Path is an ongoing project by Bill McBride that preserves and protects the prairie while creating a place where people can experience and connect with nature.
Visitors walk four miles of path through prairie with dramatic views, remnants of historic cattle pens, and sculpture. The Path is open to the public. Go to for details of path and sculpture. The path continues up on the hills above the tracks and across the highway looping into town. Work is ongoing with new trails and installations appearing each year.


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