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The Chase County Logo features the detailed roof of the Chase County Courthouse.

Chase County, Kansas, is a destination for your soul in the “Heart of the Flint Hills.”

When you explore Chase County, you will discover the rolling Flint Hills hidden amongst the prairie plains. This Tallgrass wonderland is ideal for pasture-raising cattle and harkens back to a forgotten time. The views are breathtaking, and the towns are vibrant and friendly.


Plan your escape today. Chase County offers secluded lodging where you will wake up to songbirds and sunrises as you have never seen before. 


Look out over the rolling hills at waves of grasslands and see no trace of man. Let the Cottonwood River or a whispering breeze lull you to sleep at night. See the stars as they are meant to be seen, unfiltered by artificial light.


Dine at restaurants known across the state and nationally. Get inspired by nature, and commune with local artists and musicians.


Most importantly, forget the idea that Kansas is flat. The Flint Hills have captivated travelers since the days of horses and wagons. A prehistoric ocean once covered the area, and the rolling waves of lush grass still resemble a rippling sea. Chase County has the most extensive undisturbed swath of the Flint Hills, including the federally protected Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve.

Upcoming Events

Tribute to the Courthouse Video

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Thank you to Dave Leiker for Video and Photos of the event!

Chase County Ghost Towns Panel from Sesquicentennial Celebration

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drinkwater-shriver-mill_by Dave Leiker.jpeg

Drinkwater & Schriver Mill est. 1875 at Cedar Point photo Dave Leiker

Learn more about the mill


Chase County Chamber of Commerce

At the Chase County Chamber of Commerce, we honor and preserve our legacy and connection to the land and each other by restoring all who experience our unspoiled Flint Hills.


This website is created and maintained by the Chamber with these goals always in our hearts. We believe that you, your friends, and your family will benefit immensely by exploring our place in the Flint Hills. 


Whether you are planning a visit, a move, or a new or continuing business venture, please reach out to us. Our passion for our area means we are a dedicated resource for you.


Learn more about the Chase County Chamber of Commerce by clicking the links below . . .


The Flint Hills

The Flint Hills are a sacred place. 

When exploring the countryside, please take care to keep the area beautiful. 


Remember :

  •     Please don’t litter.

  •     Stay on the roads, and do not disturb the prairie or private residences.

  •     Keep a safe distance from wildlife.

  •     Leave the Hills as beautiful as you found: don’t destroy or remove plants, rocks, architecture, or other objects.

  •     Have a map with you.

  •     Some roads are low-maintenance and may be rough.

  •     Make a plan. Know your distance from gas stations, restrooms, and dining options.

Additional Flint Hills Resources . . .

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Bring home the storied treasures of the Flint Hills. Quaint boutique shopping and antiques galore — you’ll find numerous artisanal goods to remind you of your stay for years to come.

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