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G. Boyce Baumgardner Memorial Disc Golf Course

Disc Golf, Attractions, Recreation

Disc Golf for all!

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1715 210th Road

Cottonwood Falls





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The Eric McCabe designed 18 hole course at Swope Park as well as the Shawn Taylor designed 9 hole youth course were designed to blend into the scenic vistas of Swope Park in Cottonwood Falls as it flows into the landscape, embracing the native limestone heritage of Chase County and the elusive challenges of Buck Creek. Swope Park is the recreational hub for Chase County residents of all ages. The Chase Disc Golf Course expands the range of activities for its residents and serves all ages of Chase County residents, both young and old, enhancing the quality of life for all.
Managed by the City of Cottonwood Falls (620-273-6666)
Southeast corner of Highway 177 and 210 Road
1715 210th Rd


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