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Chase County Community Fund

Business Development, Government

To aid Chase County with its charitable needs.

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302 Broadway Street

Cottonwood Falls


(620) 342-9304

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About the Emporia Community Foundation, holder of the Chase County Community Fund

Our Mission
To connect caring people with causes that build stronger communities within the Emporia area, which includes Chase, Coffey, Greenwood, Lyon, Morris, Osage, and Wabaunsee counties.

What We Do

The Emporia Community Foundation (ECF) connects the diverse citizens and communities of Lyon and its six contiguous counties through the charitable actions of various funds established to better the lives of individuals within its communities. As a 501c3 Foundation, the ECF continues the traditional Kansas heritage of providing nonprofit service and supporting the charitable giving requests of donors who wish to enrich the quality of life of local citizens.

ECF represents the Kansas counties of Lyon, Chase, Greenwood, Morris, Osage, Coffey, and Wabaunsee.

There are several Types of Funds whereby donors may focus their interests. These funds are established by individuals, families, businesses, and other nonprofit organizations that have made unordinary commitments to the community's needs. Their sole purpose is to make the "community" a better place for perpetuity.


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